#nationalcybersecuritymonth | Department of Homeland Security Ends Cyber Vulnerability Testing of Boeing 757-200

[ad_1] The Department of Homeland Security decided last month to end cyber testing of its Boeing 757-200 under the tri-agency Aviation Cyber Initiative. Pictured here is a United Airlines’ 757-200 […]

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Apple acquires weather app Dark Sky, plans to shut down Android and web apps

[ad_1] Popular weather app Dark Sky has been acquired by Apple… and as a result, the company notes that it will be pulling the plug on its Android, Wear OS, […]

#infosec | OIG Lacks Confidence in FBI’s Adherence to Woods Procedures

[ad_1] The Office of the Inspector General (OIG) has said it lacks confidence that the Federal Bureau of Investigation is executing its Woods Procedures in line with FBI policy when […]

#hacking | Nigerian Email Scammers Upped Their Game, Averaging 90,000 Attacks Monthly in 2019 – Homeland Security Today

[ad_1] A group of Nigerian scammers blamed for email fraud accelerated their attacks last year by attempting an average of more than 90,000 attacks per month. The hacking crew, dubbed SilverTerrier by security […]