NCS Investigation Services

Cell Phone ForensicsNCS can perform onsite mobile forensics for any Apple or Android device. Data extraction take anywhere from 15 minutes to 5 hours.
Social Media InvestigationLocate a targets socials medias accounts
View all comments and pictures of the targets across all social media accounts even accounts by owned by the target
Locate all friends/followers of a targets social media account
Gain access to private social media accounts.
Locate owner of a fake social media account.
Skip TracingPeople
* Residents
* Neighbors
* Phones associated with Address
* Emails associated with Address
* Utilities
* Current and Past Vehicles
* Aircraft Records
* Properties associated with the address
* Property Assessments
Driver Risk History* NCS vehicle searches return information from even partial vehicle descriptions and VIN numbers. Now fused with License Plate Recognition data, you can instantly view recent and historical license plate sighting data.
* Search for violations across states
* Find habitual borrowers associated with the vehicle
* Verify undisclosed drivers in the household
* Identity potential rate evasion for tickets and violations in different, higher rated territory
* For PIP claims, search non-insured's address to find other insured individuals in the household
People Locator* NCS can find a person using partial information from addresses, SSNs, telephone numbers and more. Search by location radius or age range. Even enter a phonetic name spelling.
Business Intelligence* NCS brings you information about past and present legal and fraud issues, current and former corporate officers, liquidations, assets and much more.
* NCS reports includes both domestic and international business coverage, and we’re adding more data points on activity overseas every day. Protect your business with information on companies and individuals contained on U.S. sanctions and watch lists.