#nationalcybersecuritymonth | Ex-Campaign Staff Suing Bloomberg For Broken Salary Promises



The man with the deepest pockets of all.
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Millions of Americans are worried about keeping their jobs and their pre-pandemic wage and salary levels as the coronavirus rages. But few of them can cite a legal and moral claim on continued pay from the man with the deepest pockets of anyone in public life, former New York mayor Michael Bloomberg. Those who do are joining forces and lawyering up, as the New York Times reports:

Former field organizers for Michael R. Bloomberg filed two proposed class-action lawsuits against his presidential campaign Monday, arguing that they and thousands of others laid off this month had been tricked into taking jobs they were told would last until November.

The lawsuits, both filed in federal court in New York City, argued that the campaign had recruited staff members to work on Mr. Bloomberg’s bid under false pretenses, preventing them from pursuing other opportunities.

In dismissing the workers eight months earlier than promised, that complaint said, the campaign had “deprived them of promised income and health care benefits, leaving them and their families potentially uninsured in the face of a global pandemic.”

As you may recall, Bloomberg built the most formidable organization in the Democratic presidential field virtually overnight after jumping into the race in late November of last year. He was able to do that because his vast wealth let him offer pay at nearly double the going rate, as the Times noted just last month before everything fell apart for Bloomberg 2020:


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