#nationalcybersecuritymonth | Only 19% Indian Businesses Take Action To Stop It; 68% SMEs Worried About Employee Errors!

Cyber Attacks: Only 19% Indian Businesses Take Action To Stop It; 68% SMEs Worried About Employee Errors!

Cyber Security is one of the leading causes of worry for Indian businesses, and the shocking fact is that, employees are the leading causes of cyber attacks!

The month of October is celebrated as National Cybersecurity Awareness, and to generate more awareness about this pressing issue, Sophos, published their report which discusses the future of cybersecurity.

What does this report say? What are the conditions of cybersecurity awareness in India? Find out right here!

Sophos Publishes Report About Future Of Cybersecurity and Awareness 

Sophos, which is a leading company in next-generation endpoint and network cybersecurity, published their report, The Future of Cybersecurity in Asia Pacific and Japan – Culture, Efficiency, Awareness.’

This report talks about how the investment in cybersecurity for a company results in success not only by buying high-end technology, but also by educating its employees, the corporate culture, and a path to purchase. 

Sunil Sharma, managing director, sales, Sophos India & SAARC said, “As the threat landscape evolves, businesses too need to advance their defense mechanisms with synchronized security solutions that are designed to strengthen their cybersecurity posture.”

The Future Of Cybersecurity: Key Findings Of The Report

Here are the key findings of the survey conducted by Sophos:

  • Of all the Indian organizations, 90 per cent’s employees and/or leadership personnel lacked cybersecurity awareness and education.
  • There is about 63 per cent of Indian businesses who are worried about being vulnerable and being attacked by cyber threats owing to errors made by employees.
  • 68 per cent of Indian organizations were worried about employees engaging in malicious activities. 
  • In the last six months, there has been only 19 per cent of Indian businesses who want to make considerable changes in their cybersecurity posture. This is a low amount despite one-third of the businesses in the survey revealed that there was a security breach in their institution in the last 12 months. 
  • 59 per cent of Indian businesses that were a part of the survey said that due to the absence of expertise of security, it is difficult to recognise, investigate and provide a response to cybersecurity incidents. 
  • There are 79 per cent of Indian businesses that showed an interest in applying products for detecting investigating and responding to cybersecurity incidents. 

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