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I recently had an opportunity to chat with Yoav Leitersdorf, managing partner with YL Ventures—a venture capital firm focused on seed stage investments in the Israeli cybersecurity sector. I have known Yoav on some level for a decade or so and have attended events hosted by YL Ventures. We originally had a meeting on the calendar for mid-October to talk about a CISO panel session Yoav was scheduled to host at an E&Y event in Tel Aviv on October 23 on the topic of cybersecurity hype and buzzwords.

Then, October 7 happened. Hamas terrorists launched an attack that has destroyed and disrupted lives in Israel.

Our initial meeting was canceled, but I was finally able to catch up with Yoav. The focus of our conversation shifted, though. Rather than just talking about marketing hype and buzzwords, we discussed the challenges and realities for Israeli cybersecurity startups as they strive to carry on while conflict rages on in their country.

There are challenges and geopolitical tension around the world and across every business sector, but Israeli cybersecurity startups stand out for their resilience and adaptability. Amidst ongoing conflicts, these companies have demonstrated an extraordinary capacity to maintain business continuity.

Israel requires both men and women to train and serve with the military for a brief period, after which they remain eligible to be called up for reserve duty until the age of 40. The attack by Hamas terrorists sparked Israel to call up those reserves, resulting in many Israeli tech professionals serving in military reserve duty. Many of those who are not serving in the military are engaged in aid work and other supporting efforts, but none of them have let these responsibilities hinder their business objectives.

Yoav explained, “Business continuity is an essential element in a startup’s growth, and our founders are determined to deliver, no matter what. They are communicating clearly with their customers, who are being supportive and appreciate their transparency and cooperation despite the current turmoil.”


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