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NC State campus safety a concern two weeks into school year | #schoolsaftey

RALEIGH, N.C. (WNCN) — N.C. State students returned to campus just two weeks ago.

In that time, the University has reported an indecent exposure, sexual battery and a sexual assault. 

It requires a student ID and a special key to gain access to any of North Carolina State University’s residence halls.

But that doesn’t always keep unwanted visitors locked outside.

“If they look like they’re around college age, you just kind of assume that they live there or that they have a friend that lives there,” said freshman Logan Seeley.

On Monday, a Wolf Alert went out, reporting a sexual assault at Lee Residence Hall. Officials said the victim and suspect met each other on a dating app.

Both are students.

Just 24 hours before, students became concerned about a different Wolf Alert. 
Officials reported a sexual battery involving two male suspects, at Owen Residence Hall, just half a mile away from Lee.

NC State officials said they didn’t know if the suspects were affiliated with the university.

“It’s definitely icky. Nobody was happy about that. It’s terrible [and] horrific to think that something like that would happen so close,” said Seeley.

Seeley lives in Owen Hall. 

She’s now received three notifications since moving onto campus.

During the first week of classes, university police arrested a man for exposing himself at the library.

Campus police have 60 officers.

Their Public Safety Center monitors campus 24 hours a day, through more than 3,500 security cameras installed across the area.

“You can’t prevent [crimes] with 38,000 people on campus,” said freshman Peyton Falzo. 

“It is a city, and this is a public campus. So, the fact that anybody can just walk in is just part of the deal,” added Seeley. 

CBS17 crews checked in with some other college police in the area.

According to police logs, Duke University reported some thefts and underage drinking during the past couple of weeks.

UNC-Chapel Hill campus police reported similar crimes, and a “clery rape” at Hinton James Residence Hall on August 20th.

Students told CBS17 they’re doing what they can to stay safe.

“I definitely always have a friend by my side, especially later in the night,” said NCSU freshmen Kayley Carpenter.

“I just, I feel like being safe is partly just like being proactive. So, I don’t feel particularly concerned because I’m proactive about my own safety. I never go anywhere alone,” said Seeley. 

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