NCS Radio Show, June 6, 2014

Story 1: 
Linux under attack- a new virus attacked linux users and its apps, but the problem was fixed last week.

Story 2

No spying for Facebook- The new audio feature that will be released soon will allow users to post audio. However, Facebook made a clear statement that it will not use the feature to spy and hear conversations of its users. The app is mostly to hear music and movies. 

 Story 3 

Cyber Hackers become lifers in the UK.

The Queen issued a new rule of law- If you hack you go to jail…For a long time. Hacking period=10 years Hacking with bodily or environmental harm= 14 years and hacking with death or major harm= life in prision. 

Story 4 

Android users have a new virus that holds their data ransom. It hacks into your phone and blocks data usage until you pay up on apps

Story 5

Expert hacker with Russian government bargains for freedom in exchange for compliance with the government battling other hackers. He was already in jail for 2 1/2 years when the government came with the new deal. 




 Website: – Reporter: Danielle Maner – Produced by: Gregory Evans   

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