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Thousands of University of California Irvine students were exposed to horrific videos of torture and death after their Discord groups were attacked by a possible neo-Nazi group, according to the sites’ moderators.

Hackers gained access to about 30 of the UCI community’s student-run Discord servers and flooded them with disturbing content in what students are calling a “gore raid.” Alina Kim, who moderates many of the online communities, said some students who saw the videos were hospitalized after experiencing excessive vomiting and panic attacks.

“There was a lot of shock involved with opening up your computer and being exposed to that kind of disturbing content,” Kim told KNX News’ Emily Valdez.

Kim said the moderators have identified the culprits as alt-right hate groups that started by targeting transgender individuals. She said similar attacks have happened at several other universities, including USC and Washington State.

“It seems like they’re doing this for attention, which is one of the reasons why we’ve decided as a whole not to release the identified groups onto the media,” Kim said.

Kim said the case is being reported to the FBI.

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