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If you’ve been in the dating scene for a while, you will have likely tried a range of techniques to improve your matches on dating apps, have more exciting dates and even just define exactly what you’re looking for in a partner.

Well, now, according to dating site, there is a new trend rising just in time for Hot Girl Summer. It’s called “love hacking” and unlike previous dating trends, this one is far more data-heavy and requires constant tweaking and reviewing to get exactly right.

It sounds like a lot of work but maximum input = maximum return, right?

What love hacking actually is

According to “In dating terms, “love hacking” refers to hacking or optimisation techniques to enhance the online dating experience.

“This can include a variety of methods and tools, such as artificial intelligence, to maximise the effectiveness of interactions on dating platforms, increase the chances of matching with potential partners, or optimise one’s bio to attract a specific type of partner.”

Sounds… like a lot of work, actually. Here’s how it works:

Optimising the online dating profile

Rather than throwing together your most recent photos with a cute little bio to match, making a dating app bio as a love hacker involves a little more precision.

Choose photos that show off your best size, write a bio that catches attention but also ensure that you’re sprinkling in eye-catching keywords. Consider exactly what people should know about you and make sure you use those exact words as, during a swiping session, you need to make sure yours catches a potential suitor’s eye.

Considering skipping out on the bio? You could be missing out. Recent research has found that users, especially women, will automatically swipe left on profiles that have empty bios. 

Applying psychology and communication studies 

According to “Applying principles from social psychology and communication enhances interactions with potential matches. Getting to know someone online can be tricky, but there are ways to make it easier.

“Borrowing tips from psychology and communication studies to help you build a connection, create chemistry, and keep the conversation flowing.”

So, rather than just watching how the flow of your conversation goes and facing the potential of another dead-end match, learn a little more about how to keep conversation going, the questions people like to be asked and avoid the dreaded, “so, how was your day haha” message coming back to haunt you.

Being strategic in your choice of dating platform

Instead of cycling through different apps as you chat with lots of different people, review the data of your experiences on all of them. How many have resulted in quality matches? How many resulted in a good date?

Once you’ve analysed this data, make a choice on the right dating app for you and deactivate your other profiles. 

Emma Hatharn, dating expert at said: “Love hacking embodies a fusion between technology and the quest for human connection, offering a multitude of possibilities.”


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