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Karisel of sexy beast manners breaks the heart.


In episode 3 Sexy beast, It’s a pure mess!

sorry. I couldn’t resist. Kaiser (I don’t know what it is), a pageant girl from New Jersey who is motivating the party, is in the sexy beast dating arena as a panda. Pandas have enough problems with mating, so let’s see where this goes. “I’m obviously doing all this dating wrong,” she says. I think her mother nodded badly and came back to Jersey.Kaiser is Lots, As they say-and as she says herself. But the good news, people: her psychic said this would all happen.

The rest of the summary is below.

Her first suitor was Dallas marine biologist Ethan, whose Tinman disguise has already rusted on exposure to salt water. He can hold his breath for 4 minutes and knows Dolphin Facts ™.

Next is Tyler, a model and security guard in Los Angeles. He is an alien who rates his personality as 9.9999 out of 10.

Meanwhile, Josh is an Atlanta-born engineer who became a bull.He is also interested in Marvel and Star Wars and wants a partner who can rival him Funko pop collection.. Forget to match your values ??and goals of life. Funko pops.

When the speed dating round begins, Ethan provides Calisel with facts about pandas (he also has a panda fact ™, female) and she tells Josh if he’s a geek. Hot nerd.. Then things go off track with Ethan, as Kaiser describes himself as both a madman and a psychopath. “You haven’t seen my Google search history yet,” he nervously asked her why, and she looked at the camera for a moment as if begging him for help.

Kariselle talks about whether she’s ready to build a serious relationship (“Before you know it, turn 30”, “How old do you want a child?”) And “have a threesome. Have you ever? “” And “What if I wanted you to fuck me with this (panda mask) ??”) She’s the mess this show promised.

Eventually, they return to manners and she exempts Ethan. Ethan is delighted to escape from her.

Post-manner, Kaiser, and Tyler throw an ax. “Can you put up with crazy?” Asks a wild-eyed panda in a leather jacket. Surprisingly, he is not afraid of this. On the contrary, she asks if Josh has health insurance during the zoo date. Perhaps the late capitalist dirty talk sounds like this: $ 20 out-of-pocket. Free twice-yearly tooth cleaning. $ 100 off the frame. Can Netflix dial down spices?

Not the first or the last, dating people have to navigate the wineglass with their prostheses on their faces. I think it kills the producer and gets a straw.

But after all, hot nerd Josh and his insurance card aren’t enough for Calizel. But she literally sees his face and cries. It feels like a bad omen for Tyler. Think about the possible Funko Pop.

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