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Recent cyberattacks, including a major incident at Change Healthcare, have highlighted severe vulnerabilities in healthcare systems, propelling cybersecurity to a critical concern across the industry. In particular, the lack of network segmentation has exposed healthcare infrastructure to increased risk, affecting essential services and compromising patient care. As healthcare institutions continue to integrate more digital technologies, the complexity and scope of their network environments grow, raising the stakes for security measures.

How can healthcare institutions improve network segmentation and reduce cyber risk? How critical is network architecture in safeguarding patient data and healthcare operations?

In the latest episode of MarketScale’s premier roundtable show Experts Talk, Dr. Robin Berthier offers a detailed analysis of the current shortcomings in healthcare network security. Drawing on his experience as the CEO and Co-Founder of Network Perception, Dr. Berthier also details strategic steps to enhance protection.

Key takeaways from Dr. Berthier’s discussion include:
– The critical need for enhanced network segmentation within healthcare IT environments.
– The role of third-party connections in increasing cybersecurity risks.
– Common vulnerabilities seen in the postmortem analyses of recent healthcare cyberattacks.
– Strategies for healthcare institutions to isolate critical systems from general IT networks.
– The importance of continuous security monitoring and updating to adapt to new threats.

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