New Android virus blocked the mobile data! Looking for ransom!

The hackers are here again to hack the Android mobile phone. The hackers will steal your data and they will demand money to unlock it.

This is the ransomware, which is called Simplocker. It attacks the audio, PDF files, videos, documents, etc. ESET security personnel told.

The Simplocker security personnel told that this is the first time that Android has got affected by this issue. The attackers have demanded for the $13 to return the victim’s data and the money transfer is going to be via MoneXy.

With this Simplocker, your IMEI number is not secured as well. The servers are based on Tor network and the information leaked by the virus is sent to different servers so that the real server would not be detected.

With this extremely shrewd tactic, it is pretty hard for the cyber security personnel to detect the real hacker.

In the recent attacks, the security agents are unable to recover the cyber attacks. According them, the users should not click on any link, which shows the porn app.

New Android virus blocked the mobile data and wants ransom in return

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