New California Laws 2024: Part 17 includes school safety to all-gender bathrooms | #schoolsaftey

SB-666 Small business: commercial financing transactions. SB-667 Healing arts: pregnancy and childbirth. SB-668 State parks: operating agreements. SB-669 Veterinarians: veterinarian-client-patient relationship. SB-671 School safety plans: dangerous, violent, or unlawful activities. SB-673 Emergency notification: Ebony Alert: missing Black youth. SB-676 Local ordinances and regulations: drought-tolerant landscaping. SB-677 Intercity rail: LOSSAN Rail Corridor. SB-678 Elections: disclosures. SB-681 Political Reform Act of 1974: amendments. SB-684 Land use: streamlined approval processes: development projects of 10 or fewer residential units on urban lots under 5 acres. SB-692 South Fork Irrigation District. SB-695 Department of Transportation: internet website: state highway system data and information. SB-696 Notaries public. SB-698 California Council on Science and Technology Policy Fellows: status of services. SB-699 Contracts in restraint of trade. SB-700 Employment discrimination: cannabis use. SB-701 Fruit and vegetable wholesalers: registration fees. SB-704 Coastal resources: California Coastal Act of 1976: industrial developments: oil and gas developments: refineries: petrochemical facilities: offshore wind. SB-706 Public contracts: progressive design-build: local agencies. SB-710 Sale of excess state highway property: State Highway Route 710 Terminus. SB-712 Tenancy: personal micromobility devices. SB-713 Planning and zoning: density bonuses: development standard. SB-717 County mental health services. SB-722 Daycare facilities: incidental medical services plans. SB-723 Employment: rehiring and retention: displaced workers. SB-727 Human trafficking: civil actions. SB-732 Bats. SB-734 Property tax: possessory interests. SB-736 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. SB-740 Hazardous materials management: stationary sources: skilled and trained workforce. SB-741 Domestic violence restraining orders: prehearing discovery. SB-743 Insurance: false and fraudulent claims. SB-745 The Drought-Resistant Buildings Act. SB-746 Energy conservation contracts: alternate energy equipment: green hydrogen: Tri-Valley-San Joaquin Valley Regional Rail Authority. SB-747 Land use: surplus land. SB-748 Disability access and information: local government: notice. SB-749 Criminal procedure: sentencing. SB-753 Cannabis: water resources. SB-756 Water: inspection: administrative procedure: notice: service. SB-757 Railroads: contract crew transportation vehicles. SB-760 School facilities: all-gender restrooms. SB-765 Teachers: retired teachers: compensation limitation. SB-770 Health care: unified health care financing. SB-771 Tribal gaming: compact ratification. SB-775 Vehicles: zero-emission schoolbuses: signage. SB-779 Primary Care Clinic Data Modernization Act. SB-780 Department of Food and Agriculture: oversight: commercial feed, feed additives, and drugs. SB-786 Prescription drug pricing. SB-787 Number of licensed premises: County of Nevada.

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