New Cyber Security Alliance aims to protect the city, county from hackers

Southern Nevada’s cyber-space is about to get a lot more secure. On Thursday, the Southern Nevada Cybersecurity Alliance or SNCA will be launched during an inaugural meeting at the Innevation Center in Southwest Las Vegas.

The subject of cyber security has been in the news a lot lately, from the 500-million stolen Yahoo accounts, to Wells Fargo, to Hilary Clinton emails, even the Federal Government. That’s why Jonathan Davies, a former British Intelligence Officer and current cyber security expert for a major Las Vegas-based corporation, decided to form SNCA.

“In the event of a perceived or imminent threat to the critical infrastructure of any one of the cities of Las Vegas, North Las Vegas or Henderson the Mayor or Chief Information Officer can pick up a phone and say, Jonathon, I think we need some help with this, can you help us out?” said Davies.

Davies says his team, comprised of IT and Network Security experts from around the valley, will work similar to a volunteer search and rescue unit, assisting authorities wherever they may be short staffed.

What types of areas could potentially be targeted? Utilities like power and water, even branches of local government like courts or law enforcement.

Davies says conferences like the Black Hat Convention and Defcon, which take place in Las Vegas, are proof people are interested in cyber-hacking. And unfortunately, he adds, there are characters out there looking to do harm.

“I’m very confident that no matter what threat arises we will have someone who can counter that threat,” said Davis.

Those threats could simply be mischievous, or something much worse with criminal or even terrorist intent.


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