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New cyber security centre in Sydney but location remains top secret | #computerhacking | #hacking | #hacking | #aihp

A $25 million cyber security centre has been set up in a secret Sydney location to block the threats of terrorists, organised criminals and hackers in real time.

The location of the new Cyber Security Operations Centre is a tightly-held secret, but is spruiked to protect Australians from devastating hack attacks.

“This is literally the digital version of the cop on the wall making sure they are protecting the people of NSW,” Digital Minister Victor Dominello said.

The work to stop criminals in their tracks going on inside the high-security centre is protected by a 300-kilogram bullet-proof door.

“It is very real the amount of people and actors that are trying to infiltrate us and our footprint in the cyber world is astounding,” Assistant Commissioner Tony Crandell said.

“Our records, our information, our data is extremely important. Not only on the black market to sell people’s identity information but identity and working out WHO people are is our business,” Crandell said.

“It could affect things like hospitals, people in need of care, people in need of resuscitation.”

The centre was set up after a series of sophisticated cyber attacks two years ago targeting the state government and critical infrastructure.

The malicious raids prompted the injection of government funding and brain power to stop hacking in its tracks, particularly for the important information NSW Police have.

The high-security centre has the power to isolate significant attacks from the wider police network.

“Police systems are critical as they have classified information,” NSW police minister Paul Toole said.

“When you look at that – everyone is using a computer, everyone is using a phone, people are wearing body warn cameras we’ve got over 5000 cars that have computers installed in them we need to make sure we are protecting those systems.”

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