New #drone #threat: #Hacking from the #air

A local company has designed a drone that can hack into companies’ wireless networks.

Bishop Fox is a Tempe-based cyber security consulting firm that is hired by companies to find weak points in their cyber security. The company designs ways to sneak into a network, and ways to fix the problem.

Recently, it’s been working on a drone that can basically land on the roof of a company and hack into its network.

Francis Brown, the co-founder of Bishop Fox, says they’ve already tested the drone out on two clients and they were able to hack into their systems in a matter of minutes.

“Basically, you land on the roof and it’s as if I came up and plugged my own keyboard or mouse into your laptop and I can say, add a new user and password, basically take full control of your laptop,” Brown said.

The company calls it “the danger drone” and when you look at it, it’s simple construction and pretty cheap to build costing around $300 to $400. It can be equipped with several different devices, including 3G networking or bluetooth.

“This is a flying laptop at this point,” Brown said.

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