The New Facebook Inc’s (NASDAQ:FB) Security Center Campaigns For Heightened Online Safety

Facebook Inc (NASDAQ:FB) security cent it has been re-launched again after the 2010 initial launch. The primary purpose for this according to the social media giant is to help its users gain at least the sense of security. This goal is likely to be achieved given that external experts, the likes of Safety Advisory Board were involved. The redesigned center will accommodate 50 local languages; all which will help people set their privacy controls on the social network.

Speaking about the new move, Antigone Davis, Facebook’s Head of Global Safety said, “For Facebook, making the world more open and connected, giving people the power to share some of their most critical moments, means keeping individuals and their information safe.”

Facebook puts more focus on privacy and security checkups

Davis outlines that the Hub is a resource for many groups of people; from teens to parents to educators. All these are seeking for a new and curated experience from the use of the social network. Apparently, the Facebook security center has been a Bullying Hub since 2013, but in response to specific concerns about online harassment, it has had periodic updates.

Facebook is availing new and upgraded tools for privacy and security checkups. For example, there is a provocation of turning on two-step verification before anyone can login especially in new devices. This helps to verify the user’s identity. There is also the opportunity of being able to report an offensive or abusive post. Alongside the 50 languages comes more video that will exhibit how to use the controls. The company is working with more than 60 organizations to ensure that all sits in well.

A safety center in the wake of cyber bullying

Facebook’s Safety Centre comes at a time when millions of people are struggling with cyberbullying. They have received threats from individuals who eventually con them. There has also been a lot of spying of private accounts by the authorities. This is perhaps what has triggered the company to revamp its policies tools, and resources to help its users stay safe. On the other hand, it is also publicizing the need for creating customized audiences. All that remains now is to see whether the Facebook security center will meet its intended mandate. Nonetheless, the Facebook stock closed at $133.28, which was an increase of $1.21 or 0.92% of the previous session.


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