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New Facebook Scam Hitting Tri-States Gets Warning from BBB | #lovescams | #military | #datingscams | #datingscams | #love | #relationships | #scams | #pof | | #dating

Facebook users there is a new scam that the Better Business Bureau wants you to be aware of.

Social media can be a fun place, but also can be dangerous. The Better Business Bureau is warning Facebook users of a scam that is hitting the Tri-States focusing on the Quincy buy-and-sell groups. This is how the scam works.

After you share the post, a scammer changes the original post to a deceptive rental ad or sometimes to a link pointing to a survey that “guarantees” a cash prize. Now, your friends think you have recommended that content. These bait-and-switch ads aim to either get a deposit for a rental property before the user gets a chance to see the home- or get your personal information, which could lead to identity theft.

Recently, there was a post in the Quincy Buy, Sell, Trade groups, that warned of an old man who was missing. There was no old man missing. Instead, three hours later the Facebook poster updated the post with a phishing scheme. Here are pictures of the updated posts:

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Better Business Bureau

Anyone who saw this post and clicked on the poster’s name could see that she just joined the group yesterday, the same day she posted. Ella-Louise Wan does not exist. The photo associated with the profile was taken of a woman who recently went missing in Wisconsin, Holly Lynn Clark.

Don O’Brien Investigations Manager for the Better Business Bureau says,

These posts can be financially harmful for the unsuspecting. If they click the links on the updated post, they open themselves up to having personal information stolen.

Just be careful on social media and make sure before you click ANYTHING that the post is not fake.

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