New hacker plan: Don’t steal data, change it

You know hackers around the world are working nonstop to steal yourPERSONAL information. But there’s a new, much bigger threat emerging right now.

It has the power to cost you money, put your family at risk, or even open up America to a real-world attack. I’m looking at the newest hacker threat — experts are warning that instead of only stealing your data, hackers will start changing your data.

But what if that hacker changed your records? Even something subtle, like turning all the 5’s into 4’s?

Do that to a million more people, and that one hacker could destroy the trust in an entire bank’s records. Do it enough, and trust in the whole American economy is gone.

That is the cybersecurity threat experts say is coming next.

“Everything with cybersecurity is evolving. Every day, it’s something new. For example, six months ago, no one talked about the data being changed,” Sri Sridharan told me.

He runs the Florida Center for Cybersecurity. From a secret location at University of South Florida in Tampa, they work with universities and others to spot, study, and stop the cyber attacks of the future.

“It’s just a matter of time before somebody does it successfully that has enormous consequences to a firm, or a nation, or an economy,” Sridharan said.

An entire economy? Is the risk really that massive? Just one tweet shows how much damage even a little wrong information can do.

Two years ago, Syrian hackers got control of the TwitterACCOUNT for the Associated Press. They posted, worldwide, that President Obama had been hurt in explosions at the White House.

The Dow plunged! In minutes, $136 billion worth ofINVESTMENTS had been wiped out by one phony fact.


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