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New Jersey Cybercrime Surge: Vigilance Needed Against Scams | #cybercrime | #infosec

Rising Cybercrime in New Jersey: A Call for Vigilance Amidst Internet and Phone Scams

In Hunterdon County, New Jersey, an urgent warning about the alarming rise of internet and phone scams has been issued by Prosecutor Renée M. Robeson and Sheriff Frederick W. Brown. As the digital sphere expands, so does the realm of cybercrime. The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) has named phishing schemes as the most predominant form of internet crime sweeping across the nation.

New Jersey: A Hotspot for Digital Fraud

It is particularly concerning that New Jersey finds itself in the unfortunate position of being the 6th state in the nation for victim financial loss due to these heinous digital crimes. The financial losses are staggering, reaching a sum of $284 million. This fact alone underscores the severity and rampant nature of these scams.

The Scams: Tech Support and Fake Officials

The authorities’ warning zeroes in on two particular scams that have been surfacing in the county. The first scam involves fraudsters masquerading as tech support, preying on unsuspecting victims. The second scam is even more insidious, with con artists fraudulently posing as law enforcement or government officials, demanding payments under false pretenses.

Public Vigilance and Reporting: A Call to Action

Amid these troubling times, the authorities are urging residents to exercise heightened vigilance during online interactions and investments. They are also encouraging the public to report any suspicious activities to law enforcement agencies. This call to action is crucial in preventing further victimization and financial loss, and in holding these cybercriminals accountable.

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