A New NES Classic Edition Hack Gives The System’s Reset Button A Rest

When the NES Classic Edition first launched, Nintendo assured its fans it was strictly a closed system. There was no way to add games or tweak the adorable plastic box’s functionality. Of course, tech heads and hackers simply took that as a challenge.

Earlier this month hackers found a way to add more games to the NES Classic Edition using the system’s USB port, but a lack of titles isn’t the machine’s only drawback. One of the NES Classic’s most, uh, unique quirks is having to push the physical Reset button on the system every time you want to return to the home screen to switch games or load a suspend point. There’s a thin line between old-school charm and just plain annoying, and in this case, the NES Classic tramples all over it.

Well, good news! If you have a hacked NES Classic, you can now install an update that will allow you to return to the system’s home screen with a simple gamepad shortcut (Down + Select by default). You can check out video of a Japanese NES Classic owner using the shortcut, above.

If you’d like your NES Classic to be just a little more versatile, you can make it happen using the hacking-made-easy app Hakchi2. Of course, doing so will void your NES Classic’s warranty and make Nintendo very very sad, so proceed at your own risk!


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