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New petition raises awareness to enact harsher child sex offender laws | News | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

HENRYETTA, Okla. — The family of one of the children killed in the Henryetta mass murder is starting a new petition aiming to put child sex offenders in prison for life. FOX23 first reported on Knight’s Law in May.

The family of Ivy Webster is working with Oklahoma legislators on getting a new law passed in the next legislative session.

The new version that you can read online, is a little clearer on what the families want to see happen. One, any person convicted of a sex crime involving a child serve a life sentence without parole. They also want background checks on all marriage applications. If one party is identified as a sex offender—the other person needs to know, and the marriage would be denied if the non-offender has minor children. These are the two big pointers Ivy Webster’s dad Justin and her cousin Tiffany Troy discussed the effort with FOX23’s Scott Martin. Both hope to have a universal law nationwide.

“A lot of offenders have previously been assaulted as a minor child and then we they become an adult and try to seek out that power and take back what was taken from them. But when they do that, they go and assault another child. If we can get those people off the street permanently, then we’re hoping to stop that generational cycle from happening,” said Troy.

The family is working closely with District 16 State Rep. Scott Fetgatter. He first brought up Knight’s Law during the last legislative session. He’s been working with the Webster family to narrow down the big things that need to change.

“What happened in Henryetta is tragic, and those people are gone, but a lot of people have some sort of sexual crimes against them as a child and they just have to live with it for the rest of their lives. So, we want to make sure those children who have to go through life and deal with these heinous acts, that they’re protected as well,” said Fetgatter.

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