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New police chief addresses new state laws on school safety measures | #schoolsaftey

New state laws that address school safety start September 1. Across the Houston area, you’ll see upgrades on campuses and in classrooms.

Texas House passes school safety bills in response to Uvalde shooting

Spring ISD is also putting in place new safety measures from the $850 million bond that passed in November. 

Those measures include:

  • Shooter detection system
  • Door repairs/replacements
  • Security cameras
  • Radio system infrastructure
  • Gates, fencing, emergency key boxes
  • Window coverings
  • Window films and vestibule safety upgrades
  • Video intercoms
  • Metal detectors
  • Vape detection

New Spring ISD Police Chief, Matthew Rodrigue, says the district is home to the first school district crime analyst in the state.   

Raycinda Buxton works out of the district’s Real Time Safety Center, which is equipped with multiple screens monitoring hundreds of cameras.  

Texas school safety bill leads to fierce debate in House

“We’re the eyes.  We are able to find a lot of things and see things that our officers can’t ahead of time.  If they have someone they’re looking for we are able to search for them and  provide an alternate view so they can get to that person faster,” she said. 

This year Chief Rodrigue says all campuses are equipped with panic buttons and Raptor software enabling all employees to download an app to streamline emergency response.

Spring has also added nine officers.  That’s important because a new state law requires Texas school districts to have an armed officer on every campus.  

“The state has increased funding but not enough to put officers on every campus so these are needs we’re having to address and get creative.  This is a new challenge no other generation of school administrators or officers have had to face,” said Chief Rodrigue.

The legislation doesn’t outline penalties for districts not meeting the requirement, but Constable Mark Herman says he’s coordinating efforts with each school police department in Precinct 4.

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For more on the bond approved bond projects, including a new Spring High School, visit https://www.springisd.org/Page/7732

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