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New Scam Warnings Issued For Isle Of Wight | #socialmedia | #hacking | #aihp

New scams have been reported for the Isle of Wight this week.

Trading Standards has reported that Islanders have been hit by fraudsters attempting to trick them into parting with money through social media and with home visits.

WhatsApp Scam

There are reports of a WhatsApp scam where the scammer purports to be a relative who had lost their phone and says they are using a replacement (hence a different number).

They will then proceed to tell you a story about why they need you to send money or pay for something on their behalf as they can’t access their online banking.

Scammers are now using text messaging to carry out a similar scam — if you receive this type of message from a loved one DON’T send any money.

Contact them using a different method and confirm that they are safe and not in need of any cash.

Attic scam

Reports this week about companies offering to survey your attic to see if you have damp, they will then show you pictures or meter readings showing high damp levels to scare you into either removing any foam insulation you have had installed or have foam insulation installed.

They rely on the fact you wont be in a position to go into your attic to check.

DON’T allow these people into your property — they will take your money and you will gain no benefit from any work they do.

Remember: any phone call out of the blue is likely to be a scam!

If you are a member of a community group, charity or organisation that would like a talk from a member of Trading Standards about spotting scams and how to stay safe from scams and doorstep crime then please email [email protected]

This is a free service designed to protect Island residents.

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