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New school safety measures begin at Waco ISD | #schoolsaftey

WACO, Texas — Waco ISD experienced numerous false safety threats during the previous school year including a number of incidents regarding prohibited items found on campus.

Prohibited item detectors, increased canine visits and stronger enforcement of student ID badges are some of the new safety measures Waco ISD has implemented to their schools.

The district will use Evolv detectors, which uses AI technology to catch prohibited items while getting everyone inside their classroom on time.

“So it got our kids into class, and they were able to start their learning earlier coming here and being able to work with other colleagues, other principals, other teachers from either Waco ISD or other local districts,” said Waco ISD Chief Technology Officer, Jerry Allen.

Administration and staff members have prepared for weeks to ensure they are prepared for any crisis that might arise. Reunification school safety training has shown to not only be the focus on preventing an issue before it becomes a threat, but how to respond.

“We want to have this as the baseline that people know what to do in an emergency and it’s not always an active threat emergency if there’s a tornado, if the electricity goes off. If any of those things happen, we want them to know and be prepared on how to do that,” said Executive Director of Student Services, Suzanne Hamilton.

The district hopes these new changes will make a difference for the students and staff.

For more information on Waco ISD you can visit their website here.

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