1. Manages internal project delivery

· Budget as detailed in Impact section

· Medium/ moderately complex/ local or subregion

· Medium/ high risk

2. Manages project financials including business impact

· Meets or exceeds approved budgets

· Provides reliable financial forecasts to Management

3. Manages stakeholder relationships

· Manages mid to upper level stakeholder relationships

4. Manages project team

· Manages internal as well as external resources with a team size generally up to 20 people

· Is aware of necessary skill development of project team members

· Provides performance review input and development recommendations for team members Contributions have visible impact on HP business (Cost, Efficiency, Total Customer Experience (TCE) generally less than $4M and/or internal project budget generally less than $2M


HP Personal System – Support Services  is a leader in developing, manufacturing and selling PC and Printers as well as developing and  operating, uplift services (warranty extension, onsite support, repair, configuration, PPS has set very ambitious growth objectives sustained by new services (Usage, pay per use, subscription, configuration deployment) which will be enabled across the world.

The Service Introduction Team has been setup to manage E2E service introduction and provide Practice guidance to all organizations involved in the entire life-cycle of services: from service design, development, Go to Market, up to the deployment of services, delivery service readiness to Operation.

Service Introduction manager is a major contributor by ensuring E2E service introduction and delivery readiness thru best practices process  in a consistent, practical and viable way in order to increase bottom line profitability and reduce cost, improve efficiency, improve productivity, increase employee job satisfaction and provide up sell opportunity.

Responsibilities / Role Description:

The Service Introduction manager is responsible for consistent end-to-end execution of Service Introduction for new or evolution of existing services

    • Service introduction
    • Act as interface with CSS delivery
    • Act as interface between Business (portfolio, GTM, Product Management, Marketing) and Delivery
    • Act as interface with Finance and TCE
    • Is accountable for  direct execution of service introduction accordingly to plan agreed withing POR
    • Ensure that service introduction is done accordingly to implementation process (deliverables / milestones..)
    • Is accountable for the regular review for implementation performance accordingly to POM (Process of mgt)
    • responsible for mapping expectations and implementation team delivery capabilities
    • Report utilization for each individual contributor
    • act upon to maintain/develop required capability
    • Assess design and implement processes accordingly to HP PPS Service introduced  and contractual obligation toward customers
    • Ensures that processes meet the needs of the organization and support as well legal requirements toward the customer
    • Ensure that proactive risk management is done and alert mgt with proposed solution /mitigation plan
    • Leads process evaluation towards contractual expectation (service description) and delivery capabilities
    • Review / Assess delivery capabilities
    • Is responsible to set up a contact matrix (governance/ Introduction readiness team) for each Service Introduced with all contacts having impact on business and delivery performance
    • Is responsible for maintaining link with PPS IT program manager  for effective tool and process implementation accordingly to Business  operating model
    • Facilitate teamwork across the region with all organizations involved in the support + countries


  • Service Introduction on time (accordingly to service introduction project – timeline, features, cost)
  • Business manager satisfaction / no escalation / positive feedback
  • Positive feedback from delivery organization (CSS, …)
  • Proactive risks documented
  • If management alert – factual / documented and proposed plan
  • On time performance review done
  • Defined and monitored PPIs service Introduction
  • Compliancy with Sharepoint policy (authoring / archiving)
  • Capability to answer majority of process specific questions – from anywhere, existing + new services . Ensure quality of the answers (feedback loop). Measured through positive feedback Collaterals up to date, published and in use
  • Capabilities expected and current assessed on quarterly basis and documented
  • Up to date dimensioning of IRT and team members allocation


    • Ensures cost of the IRT team is under control (compliance with the plan)


  • Time for each team member tracked on time and accordingly to assignment
  • Financial commitment met
    • Prepare one to one accordingly to objectives
    • Alert manager in case of risk (customer/ internal escalation / risk breach in SLA) and propose mitigation plan
    • Document action resulting of one to one


  • Documented one to one  and sent one day prior one to one to manager
  • Documented results of one to one and action executed on time
  • Number of escalation avoid by proactive and positive behaviors

Education and Experience Required:

First Level University degree. 5+ years in project management roles or in like roles/businesses.

Knowledge and Skills Required:

Demonstrates an in-depth understanding of key Services’ operational policies, processes and methodologies applicable to project management. Speaks with expertise to many layers of depth related to project management methods. Participates in the Services Program Manager (PM) Profession community. On the Project Management Professional (PMP) Certification path.


At least 10 year experience in support combining HP product knowledge and demonstrated support knowledge.

Business acumen in Service area (design, develop, deploy and run)

Program and Project Management in global environment with demonstrated track record


30% of the time (global role)


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