New Shredding Services Help To Prevent Identity Theft

Local moving company now offers shredding services that help keep their client’s personal information safe.

Jake’s Moving & Storage now offers shredding services in the Maryland, DC and Virginia areas. This new service is in response to the growing demand for more secure and convenient methods of document disposal. Commercial and residential shredding services are vital to one’s privacy and security, and residents are grateful that this trusted company now offer both offsite and onsite shredding services.

Many people have found out the hard way that taking someone’s trash is in most cases, completely legal. This has become a common practice, often times leading to identity theft. Additionally, many companies such as law firms, financial firms and healthcare providers are in possession of their client’s personal information that must remain private. Companies such as these are required to dispose of papers in the proper form. Therefore, they are turning to companies like Jake’s because of their fair and upfront pricing, friendly service and the fact that they are fully licensed, bonded and insured.

It’s not just paper documents that requires shredding services. Many people are looking for a reputable company to dispose of other materials as well; such as, video cassettes, cd’s, dvd’s, old laptop computers, hard drives and other undesired media and obsolete devices.

Jake’s Moving & Storage is an eco-friendly company, meaning that using their shredding services are also good for the environment. Customers have trusted their services for years, so it is no surprise that people are now turning to them for all of their shredding service needs as well, saying that; “The documents are totally destroyed and the process is completely safe.”

Don’t forget the added benefit of a moving and storage company that also offers complete shredding services. When a family or business moves to a new location, they often find a lot of unwanted documents and materials that need to be destroyed. When starting out in a new place it is important to start fresh without too much clutter. This will help keep your new business location organized, or your new home looking spacious. Having one company that can handle all of your moving, storage, and shredding needs is certain satisfy customers and keep Jake’s Moving & Storage in business for years to come.


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