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New sidewalk, seating, art, and more on Kenyon Way S in South Beacon Hill | LEVY DOLLARS AT WORK | #schoolsaftey

Zelie designed the ”mushroom” art. Zelie is one of the five Wing Luke Elementary students whose art was chosen for the sidewalk.

This project was part of our Safe Routes to School program, and your Levy to Move Seattle dollars made it possible. Thank you! 

  • We recently opened a new sidewalk and bike connection on Kenyon Way S, thanks to the Levy to Move Seattle! 
  • Students and neighbors now have a safer and easier way to walk, roll, and bike to and from school and the surrounding community. 
  • Last week, we held an event near Wing Luke Elementary to celebrate the completion of this project with the community! We also unveiled newly-installed art along the sidewalk that was created by students themselves.  
  • Thank you to Wing Luke Elementary and project neighbors who supported this work, and to the construction team for making it happen.

The new sidewalk and bike path make it safer and easier for families to walk, bike, and roll to and from Wing Luke Elementary. The sidewalk is 10 feet wide at its narrowest point so people biking have space to ride. It better connects people to the Chief Sealth Trail, S Kenyon St Neighborhood Greenway, and the Othello Link Light Rail station.  

It also has new curb ramps and a rolled curb to make for a smooth connection to the Chief Sealth Trail. We have also added: 

  • Lighting to support people at all times of day, especially students walking to school in the dark winter mornings  
  • A hand railing for better accessibility walking up or down the steep hill  
  • A short curb at the back of the sidewalk to make it easier people with vision impairment using a cane to navigate the curved route  
  • Two level seating areas for people to sit, rest, and enjoy the view 

The sidewalk also includes artwork designed by five Wing Luke Elementary students! See a map of the new improvements here. 

A picture of a father pushing a stroller on the new sidewalk. He is with two of his sons who stand on either side of the stroller.

“This particular project is very close geographically to our home. I ride on the Chief Sealth trail with my two boys in tow with some frequency. The traffic calming measures at this spot and the ones around it are noticeable and appreciated. They make the ride far less stressful. These infrastructure improvements make a significant difference in the route choice, I’ll go out of my way to ride safer. I want to enjoy the benefits of riding a bike instead of driving, these changes enable me to make that choice.” – Jay, nearby neighbor and parent

A photo of students wearing safety vests and backpacks walking in a line down the sidewalk as part of the walking bus.
Since February, Wing Luke Elementary families have been leading “Walking Wednesdays” where students all walk in a group together to school. Mahamoud Gaayte, one of the parents who leads Walking Wednesdays, said the students love walking on the new sidewalk. Photo Credit: SDOT

“The project turned out better than my wildest dreams. We talked with a Wing Luke Elementary parent who said people are stopping and sitting in the chairs to enjoy the sunset. Another parent who runs a preschool said she makes trips with her preschoolers to walk on the sidewalk and visit the art. The Speech Language Pathologist at Wing Luke said he feels so much more comfortable riding his bike on this new sidewalk to get to school from the light rail. It was so fun hearing how people are using the new space!” 

Ashley Rhead, Pedestrian & Neighborhood Projects Team Lead

A logo for the Levy to Move Seattle.

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