New ‘Snoopers Charter’ Law Could Give Spies “Dizzying” Powers To Hack Public’s Phones And Computers

Britain’s spies could get a “dizzying” array of powers to hack our phones and computers as a new law is set to be introduced in the coming weeks.

The ‘Investigatory Powers Bill,’ a revised version of the ‘Snoopers Charter,’ could see MI5, MI6 and GCHQ have a legally sound basis for hacking mobiles and computers devices, The Times reports.

Under the new legislation, spies could take over phones remotely allowing them access to everything stored in the device including text messages, photos and other data.

The increased power to hack phones was suggested by the Government as a way to get around the use of encryption which scrambles data and makes it hard for intelligence agencies to intercept and read.

Hacking however, will allow spies to gain access to phone cameras and mics as well as install their own programming that would allow them to listen in on conversations.


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