New way of password protection with the face recognition

The password based on the words, numbers, or symbols is an old method. People often forget them as well. But, the known images are hard to forget.
The British researchers are proving these days that whether people remember what they see or not. They came up with the conclusion that people do remember what they see.
The image security is not something new, as earlier it was used by the Passface. In that, the experts fear that someone else can see the same faces of your friends or family members too.
In the Facelock, you will find that you can recognize the images from different perspective even when they are not familiar. With this technique, the users will also be able to identify the photo if it is in the bad condition.

At Facelock, the faces will be presented in the different ways and the user has to identify from them. If the hacker is identifying your pictures then it is likely that he will stuck somewhere for sure and will not be able to recognize it in the next picture.

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