New World Hackers Group Own Up To Massive Friday DDOS Cyber Attack

Details are coming in slow trickles in one of the biggest DDOS cyber attacks this year. Last Oct. 21, the East Coast suffered from a tremendous hacking attack which interrupted services from major websites such as Twitter, Netflix, Paypal, and many others. Shortly after, a tweet surfaced about a group called New World Hackers who claimed to be responsible for this major attack.

The tweet declared a “retirement” from hacking following their DDOS cyber attack last Friday. There were also hints of throwing indirect remarks against other hacking groups that only hack for no reason or for gaining global fame.

There was no information on the identities of the group members. The hacking group’s Twitter account has more than 8,000 followers as of the time of posting and their cover image depicts the New World Hackers group as “a new generation of hackers.”

The large-scale hacking that occurred sparked an FBI investigation. The attack started at 7am and began on the East Coast. By afternoon, reports of problems from Europe started to emerge as well. A chain reaction ensued and other hacking groups picked up from the first string of morning DDOS attacks.

Experts are weighing in that the possible design of the Internet of Things in some households is making the entire world more vulnerable to hacking attacks. According to ABC News’ interview with Lance Cottrell of Ntrepid cyber security firm, there is a little security on installed home cameras and smart TVs. These become potential entry points for hacking attacks that can snowball into large-scale ones.

To date, this was one of the largest DDOS attacks on the Internet. Other similar attacks that gained global attention include the 2009 Project Aurora that affected Google and Adobe, the Unit 61398 Attacks that crippled Westinghouse and other manufacturers, Operation Cleaver which hit the US Navy, and the recent 2015 hack on the Democratic National Committee.


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