New World Order Rising: Anonymous Hacker Group To Take Over West, According To Chilling Message

Anonymous, a hacker collective, released a chilling video for the New Year. The clip suggests that the group is preparing to “take over the western world” in 2017.

Anonymous: Western World Takeover

The hacker group stated in the video that they would be hauling government leaders through the streets to achieve their goal. The video features a CGI masked spokesman talking with a computerized voice.

The United Nations is creating a totalitarian “New World Order,” the video suggests. In addition, many conspiracy theorists also claimed so.

The “warning video” has been seen by more than 630,000 people.

The spokesman in the clip says that the moment is here for the hacker collective to defy standard peaceful practices.

The hacker group, famously anti-capitalist, once waged a cyber war against ISIS. The group also claimed that in 2017, a nuclear war could break out if it does not take required action.

“For years we have been a force for good on this battlefield, fighting for our basic rights,” the spokesman said.

“Protesting peacefully, spreading the truth, a bloodless conflict, but now it appears that the day we have been waiting for is at last upon us and the time to act is now.”

Anonymous: About Anarchy

The hacker group also organize the annual Million Mask March anarchist demonstrations. The movement takes place in cities across the world every November. Moreover, the rallies often turn violent when Anonymous “Guy Fawkes” mask-wearing people try to storm government buildings.

However, according to the video, the group has always been a peaceful organization, as reported by Express UK.

The video referred to the 2011 capture of former Libyan dictator Colonel Gadaffi, who was hauled through the streets and beaten to death.

“We will be there when the people you tried to control storm your buildings and drag their dictators through the streets,” the spokesperson said.


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