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Rockhampton City – two-vehicle crash

Three patients in a stable condition were transported to Rockhampton Hospital following a two-vehicle crash on Murray and Stanley Streets at 8.09am Monday.

This included a female in her 40s with neck and back injuries, a male in his 40s with a foot injury and a male in his 50s with minor injuries.

Zilzie – single-vehicle rollover

A male in his teens in a stable condition was transported to Rockhampton Hospital following a single-vehicle rollover on Svendsen Road at 22.40pm Sunday.

Cocaine added to Roadside Drug Testing

Random roadside drug testing program expanded to include cocaine.

The number of serious crashes involving drivers who tested positive for cocaine has increased in the last five years.

Drug drivers will have their licence disqualified, face fines of up to $2167, and jail time for repeat offenders.

There is now more ways for Queensland Police to detect dangerous drivers and keep them off the state’s roads.

The highly successful roadside drug testing program has been expanded with cocaine added to the list of narcotics that can be detected.

Random roadside screening has been used in Queensland for more than 15 years, with police conducting approximately 50,000 random tests every year.

Shockingly, 1 in 4 motorists tested will return a positive result for illicit drugs.

Previous testing kits have been able to detect the presence of methylamphetamine, MDMA (ecstasy) and THC (the active ingredient in cannabis) from a sample of saliva.

Child Safety review

Minister for Child Safety, Seniors and Disability Services Craig Crawford has ordered a wide-ranging review of the state’s residential care system.

“I’ve asked for a top-level review led by the Director-General and including experts, advocates and frontline workers to report back later in the year,” he said.

“I will also be writing to Queensland Families and Children’s Commission (QFCC) Commissioner Luke Twyford seeking his oversight of the work and to report to me independently.

“We are caring for children with complex needs, often with mental health issues and disabilities who come from trauma backgrounds.

“We’re always open to new ideas and options.

“I’ve particularly asked for a focus on how children aged under 12, First Nations children, and disabled children are handled by the state’s residential care system.

Minister Crawford said he is deeply concerned by reports of alleged criminal behaviour, abuse and neglect in the residential care system.

“I encourage any care worker who is worried to immediately report any criminal activity to Queensland Police Service,” he said.


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