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OKC residents can track the Police Department’s progress on 39 recommendations made by the Law Enforcement Policy Task Force and the Community Policing Working Group by visiting the OKC Public Safety Partnership website at

The website includes all 39 recommendations, along with links to learn more about each project. It also includes a timeline of milestones that led to the creation of the OKC Public Safety Partnership.

“We want to keep people informed about this important work as we continue improving public safety in our community,” the Partnership’s Implementation Manager Andrea Grayson said.

Grayson, who works in the City Manager’s Office, serves as the City’s liaison for the Public Safety Partnership. She collaborates with City departments, community groups and other stakeholders to spearhead the implementation of the recommendations.

Public Safety Partnership

The OKC Public Safety Partnership is a continued effort to enhance and refine the OKC Police Department’s policies on de-escalation, community engagement and accountability.

The Partnership is a collaboration of Oklahoma City Council members, City leaders, OKCPD leadership, subject matter experts, community members and other stakeholders working to implement the 39 recommendations contained in a report presented to City Council in March 2022.

“OKCPD’s commitment to excellence is a long-standing practice and we look forward to continuing our relationship with the OKC Public Safety Partnership to implement the proposed recommendations,” Police Chief Wade Gourley said. “Many of the proposed recommendations pertained to improvements that were already in progress within OKCPD, which serves as a testament to our ability to successfully evaluate existing practices and enact necessary change.”

The following recommendations have been fully implemented:

  • Recommendation 11: The City should consider creating a Crisis Intervention Committee to focus on mental health response city-wide to address ongoing needs of the OKC community.
    • City Manager Craig Freeman announced the creation of the Crisis Intervention Advisory Group that will work with the Oklahoma City Police Department on response to mental-health-related calls.  August 2023
  • Recommendation 13: Oklahoma City should assess the membership design of the Citizens Advisory Board (CAB), including who sits on the CAB, the transparency of their appointments, and establish term limits.
    • City Council passed a resolution to establish a Community Public Safety Advisory Board. The Advisory Board serves as a permanent and independent committee to review the complaint investigative process and results of completed investigations involving police officers. August 2023
  • Recommendation 26: OKCPD should update their current contracts with the School District to minimize the role of enforcement by School Resource Officers (“SROs”) and to provide overall clarity.
    • City Council voted to accept the new contract with Oklahoma City Public Schools for School Resource Officers that includes new engagement guidelines. August 2023
  • Recommendation 38: OKC should hire a contract or permanent implementation manager to ensure sustained focus on these efforts and to serve as a point of contact during implementation.
    • Andrea Grayson was hired as the City’s Implementation Manager and serves as the liaison for the OKC Public Safety Partnership. She collaborates with City departments, the community and stakeholders to lead the implementation of these recommendations. July 2022
  • Recommendation 39: The City should create an implementation portal to update the public on the timelines and progress of implementation of these recommendations.
    • The OKC Public Safety Partnership was announced and includes a website that provides details about each recommendation, its current status, and background information on the milestones that have been achieved. October 2023

“This partnership continues our effort to enhance public safety for residents,” City Manager Craig Freeman said. “The Partnership and website offer greater transparency for the Police Department.”


Media Contact: Andrea Grayson, (405) 297-2300, [email protected]


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