Newton Crime Up

The numbers don’t lie, Newton Police Department, announced in several community meetings that the city ranks among the top five in the state in part one violent crimes per capita.
While understaffing remains an issue the police department uses technology from Bair Analytics to try and forecast crime.

Lt. Bryan Hall says this allows them to put officers in place before crime occurs to hopefully prevent victimization.

They’ve been using this crime forecasting system for more than a year now.

“There was a bit of time building the database and getting the translation and getting our records management system migrated over where start doing this type of forecasting.”

Community got a chance to see how this technology works. Police can take old crime data in an area and forecast where potential crime may occur.
“Identifying those areas and putting guardianship there is really the mostcost effective and beneficial for the community.”

And while technology helps the department be more efficient, they would still like to add more officers.

“We definitely have a need for more officers. our hope is that we can find enough funds after the first of the year to put another one to two officers.”

In the long term, Lt. Hall says, they would like to hire another 8 to 11 officers so they can devote more time to community policing. Right now officers spend a little more than 66% of their time working cases or writing reports and spend a little more than 33% of their time working on proactive policing.

Right now Newton Police Department is fully staffed however a few officers aren’t on the streets patrolling because they are still in training, in the academy or serving light duty.


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