Newton Falls Man gets life in prison for child sex crimes | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

The charges stem from a search warrant conducted in June of 2023 at a home on Grant Street based on a tip from the Ohio Internet Crimes Against Children that traced back to the residence.

During the search warrant, the eight-year-old victim was present and was taken into custody by the Trumbull County Children Services Board.

That victim’s family gave an impact statement before sentencing. 

“We have all suffered mentally and emotionally due to the nature of the crimes committed by this monster. My nephew was an innocent active carefree loving child who trusted and loved people unconditionally. That has now been ripped away from him and his family because of Stephen’s actions, he took that trust and faith in people away from all of us. It breaks my heart knowing how this trauma will affect my innocent nephew for the rest of his life. As I stated he was a carefree loving and trusting child and this trauma can now cause him the inability to express all of those characteristics in every type of relationship he forms throughout the rest of his life. It sickens me knowing that Stephen has taken that from him and taken that from all of us. We are asking that you sentence Stephen Billock to the maximum sentence of 60 years to life to ensure that no other child or family will ever have to endure this pain or trauma again.”

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