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There were three burning questions we wanted to ask NextGen’s CEO David Sides. (1) How are they improving their mobile app? (2) What’s happening with Mirth? (3) How are they approaching cybersecurity? It’s good news on all fronts.

David Sides, CEO at NextGen Healthcare (NextGen) graciously agreed to sit down with Healthcare IT Today for an impromptu interview. We had three burning questions to ask him about NextGen – questions we have had other people ask us.

NextGen Mobile App

The team at Venice Family Clinic takes care of many unhoused patients and they depend on NextGen’s mobile app to add notes into their EHR. The mobile app saves them from having to sit in front of a laptop while conducting their visits – often in a parking lot or community park.

Sides confirmed that the company is investing to further streamline the mobile app: “In the past year we added Ambient Assist which allows users to create notes directly in the EHR. Next, we plan to add the ability to do orders based on what the system ‘hears’.”

Mirth Connect

Year ago, NextGen acquired Mirth and it has been a hidden gem. Used by thousands worldwide, Mirth Connect by NextGen offers cost-effective interoperability. It is a beloved tool, but not much has been said about it over the past few years.

Mirth users and developers will be happy to know that NextGen is investing in Mirth. “We have worked to make Mirth GDPR compliant,” said Sides. “We have also invested in Mirth training.”

NextGen Cybersecurity

Over the past several years, NextGen has moved more and more to the cloud. Given the increased cybersecurity threats facing healthcare, we were curious to know what approach NextGen is taking to harden their systems.

According to Sides, the company continues to work closely with their cybersecurity partner Crowdstrike, has implemented a zero-trust approach, and two-factor authentication.

Watch the interview with David Sides to learn more details about NextGen’s planned product improvements.

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