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NFL fans pick Dorian Thompson-Robinson over Deshaun Watson after rookie QB continues to shine in preseason | #childpredator | #onlinepredator | #sextrafficing

Dorian Thompson-Robinson’s continued solid performances see Deshaun Watson losing favor with fans. However, its fair to say the former Houston Texans quarterback’s stock was not that high to begin with in the first place.

After multiple credible accusations of alleged sexual misconduct, for which was suspended for the majority of last season by the NFL, there are many who do not have much love for him.

But for Cleveland Browns fans, who have been starved of any success for more than two decades now, overlooking that became necessary as they look for a franchise quarterback to establish them as contenders.

However, if they were able to find a replacement within the organization, one suspects that they will be open to considering that. Dorian Thompson-Robinson has shone in preseason and kept up his great performance today against Super Bowl finalists Philadelphia Eagles.

He led a long opening drive after being chosen above more veteran Kellen Mond, signaling a possible rise in the depth charts. It led to many NFL fans saying that Deshaun Watson should be replaced by the rookie.

Here are some of the best comments on the matter from fans online:

Comparing Deshaun Watson’s record with the Browns to Dorian Thompson-Robinson

One must always remember that preseason is not the same as the regular season when the starters are playing and defensive coordinators throw more developed plays against opposing offenses. Having said that, Dorian Thompson-Robinson has looked good.

In preseason so far, before this game, he had a quarterback rating of 134.9. He had completed 17 out of 21 passes with an 80.9 percent completion rate for 184 yards, two touchdowns and no interceptions.

On the other hand, in the six games that Deshaun Watson started last season, he did not fare too well.

He completed 99 completions in 170 passes for a 58.2 percent completion rating. He had seven touchdowns and five interceptions in those games for a 79.1 quarterback rating.

It was the lowest of his career and far below what the rookie has put up in his preseason appearances.

Therefore, if one is being fair, Dorian Thompson-Robinson should have a legitimate chance to replace Deshaun Watson if he keeps playing this way.

By the looks of things, he has already gone ahead of Kellen Mond, as mentioned above, so there is no reason he should not aim higher.

In fact, some fans would argue that whatever happens on the field, Deshaun Watson should never be the starter due to his off-field allegations.

If Dorian Thompson-Robinson keeps shining, then they can reach that result without sabotaging how the team performs on the field.

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