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ARLINGTON, VIRGINIA, US — The National Grain and Feed Association (NGFA) is partnering with the Food and Agriculture — Information Sharing and Analysis Center (Food and Ag-ISAC) to increase collaboration on cybersecurity and threat intelligence sharing.

“As an association representing companies throughout the agricultural supply chain, we are keenly aware of the urgency and importance of strengthening security measures against cyber and ransomware attacks,” said Mike Seyfert, president and chief executive officer of the NGFA. “The Food and Ag-ISAC stands as a cornerstone in safeguarding our nation’s food security. NGFA is proud to be part of a community dedicated to actively collaborating to detect attacks, respond to incidents, and share indicators so that food and agriculture companies can better protect themselves and manage risks to the food supply chain. We encourage all industry stakeholders to help facilitate the spread and sharing of information, thereby bolstering the resilience of our human and animal food supply chain.”

The Food and Ag-ISAC will provide weekly threat reports to association partners as well as threat briefings and cybersecurity thought leadership.

“Taken together, these offerings will enable more companies in the industry to understand better threats facing the industry and actions that can be taken to mitigate them,” said ISAC in a May 30 announcement.

In April, the Food and Ag-ISAC released its first ransomware report, which revealed that the food and ag supply chain was the seventh most targeted industry for ransomware attacks in 2023.


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