Niall Horan Identity ‘Theft’ Case Deepens, Reveals Bio

Niall Horan may be an unusual name, but someone in Ireland has been using it for years — and is not afraid to show their face in print.

Niall Horan is definitely one of Ireland’s favorite sons, but it appears that he is not the only one. Is this a case of identity theft — or is there another reason for this second Niall Horan?

While the Belfast Live newspaper declares they are telling fans “everything you need to know” about One Direction and Niall Horan — they left out details about the other Niall Horan.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, there was a person calling himself Niall Horan that was playing a charity soccer match in Ireland while Niall Horan was with One Direction in America. The name Niall Horan was casually mentioned in relationship to the soccer game — but no other information was given about the identity of this particular Niall Horan.

Was this instance of Niall Horan just a typo or some other spellcheck error? As it appears, there is in fact another person in Ireland named Niall Horan — and he is telling the story of his life to the press.

According to an Ireland Independent article from October 2, Niall Horan is not the only person with that namesake in Ireland — and the other Niall Horan is also especially handsome.

Of course, with the exception of the name, the two Niall Horans do not appear to have much in common (besides being sports nuts). For instance, the other Niall Horan grew up about 100 miles from 1D Niall Horan in Adare outside of Limerick in Ireland. While One Direction Niall Horan is a musician, the other Niall is going to college for business and finance.

For fans that are worried that they will get the two Niall Horans mixed up, there are clear distinctions between them that will prevent these awkward moments from occurring. In particular, One Direction’s Niall Horan is considerably shorter and lighter than the 6-foot, 240-pound other Niall.

Interestingly, the details the two Niall Horans share are noteworthy. For example, both Niall Horans were born in 1993 — and 1D Niall Horan is the younger of the two.

Regardless, if the two Niall Horans met in real life, they might be friends. In addition to both Niall Horans being golf fans, according to Autism Speaks, they also share a history of participating in charity soccer matches.



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