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How did you and your spouse meet, and how long have you been together?
“Nicholas and I met in middle school while attending Middlebranch Middle School. We fell in love with one another and ‘officially’ began dating March 15, 2008. (We come from the era where social media was evolving and it was imperative to provide the exact date because a relationship is not official unless it says so on Facebook, right?!) Since then, we have grown together, along with our love for one another.”

Tell us how you fell in love … and when you knew it was meant to be …
“I can honestly say that Nicholas truly ‘had me at hello!’ At the age of 13, I was uncertain exactly what love was, as most teenagers are. But the moment I met Nick at the end of the year middle school choir concert, I knew that he was ‘the one’ after we talked for an hour up until my performance. It was then that I knew that he was everything I wanted, and that his support would never be questioned! Much like any couple, especially starting out that young, we had a lot to go through—whether that be good, bad or indifferent, we were fortunate to ‘grow’ through it together!”

Give us proposal details …
“Almost a decade after we began dating, Nicholas popped the question! There was so much meaning and thought he put into making this day extra special. He knows how much the little details mean to me, and our engagement was an accurate depiction of just that! Our proposal took place in October (which is one of my favorite months) at our favorite sports bar in Plain Township. It was a beautiful fall evening—you know the kind that they say is ‘perfect football weather’—and I was ready for a night that I thought was going to be just a casual dinner date for us. Little did I know that I would walk into an unforgettable surprise proposal on the patio filled with all of our family and friends! It was so well thought out to have the most impactful individuals who have been with us since the start of our relationship in attendance, down to the ‘Beauty and the Beast’-themed proposal cookies!”

When and where did you get married?
“Nicholas and I got married May 26, 2019, at the beautiful Nickajack Farms.”

Tell us all about the wedding details—and don’t leave out your favorite moment from the big day!
“Our wedding was a fairytale whimsical inspired wedding. Disney has a special place in my heart, and the many storylines helped to tie in various details throughout our special day. We chose to get married in the month of May because of its beautiful emerald birthstone, which symbolizes rebirth and love. The color theory for our big day was emerald, ivory and gold.

“My engagement ring was a huge contribution to telling our story, as the three stones represent the past, present and future for our love. Its vintage physique tied in with the tiara and earrings that I wore, which accented my dress in such a unique way. The overflowing eucalyptus wedding bouquet had so much meaning to me, as it had a heart locket of my father, who passed away before I was born, which allowed me to have him be a part of our special day.

“I would say that one of my favorite moments was to have my Papa (grandfather) be able to walk me down the aisle. Both he and my Nana mean the world to me, and he has been such an amazing father figure and best friend throughout my life. The second favorite moment would be the butterflies and overflow of emotions we both had when we saw each other for the first time, as I walked down the aisle. The third would be our first dances with our mothers that we each had that evening. The final favorite moment would be the gelato truck that we had. It was so amazing to see the garage door open at Nickajack Farms and see the gelato truck staged for each of our guests to enjoy!”

What are you looking forward to most in your marriage?
“Continuing to grow daily, endless love, laughter and happily ever after!”

What advice would you offer to other couples?
“Accept the challenges as an opportunity to work together, over-communicate, be supportive, have patience, love unconditionally, appreciate the flaws and most importantly one another!”

As told by Kee’Auna Parker and edited to fit. Photos are by Olivia D. Wenger.

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