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Nicholas Rossi, a Dayton sex offender who allegedly faked his own death, can be extradited to U.S., Scottish court says | #childpredator | #kidsaftey | #childsaftey

A Scottish court has ruled that former Dayton resident, Sinclair Community College student and registered sex offender Nicholas Rossi can be extradited to the United States to face multiple rape charges.

Rossi, 36, is accused of faking his own death and fleeing overseas after authorities said he allegedly raped multiple women and was identified as a suspect in a fraud case when he lived in the Dayton area.

The Daily Mail and other U.K. news agencies say that an Edinburgh Sheriff Court ruled on Wednesday that there was no impediment to extraditing Rossi. The news organizations said Scottish ministers will review the ruling to determine whether to issue an extradition order.

Rossi in interviews and in Scottish courts has claimed to be an Irish orphan named Arthur Knight, who has never been to America.

But multiple women who used to live in the Dayton area who accused Rossi of sexual misconduct years ago said they are certain that Knight is Rossi. Scottish courts also ruled that Knight is Rossi.

Rossi was identified as the American fugitive after he was admitted to a Glasgow hospital and nearly died from COVID in 2021.

Rossi was forced to register as a sex offender after he was convicted of sexual imposition and public indecency in Dayton Municipal Court about 15 years ago.

Rossi engaged in unwanted sexual behaviors with a then 19-year-old victim named Mary Grebinski in a staircase at Sinclair College.

Just weeks before this incident, another Sinclair College student accused Rossi of groping her and pleasuring himself at his home in East Dayton.

Grebinski today told the Dayton Daily News that she is somewhat relieved Rossi has been cleared for extradition.

But she also said she’s a realist and she believes he will do everything in his power to delay the case, appeal rulings that don’t go his way and waste as much time as possible.

After he was convicted of abusing Grebinski, Rossi appealed the cases and filed lawsuits against her claiming she damaged his reputation and caused him personal harm.

He also claimed that Grebinski had lied about the encounter and what happened to protect a relationship with her boyfriend.

Authorities said they believe he created a fake Myspace post that was supposed to be look like it was authored by Grebinski to back up his version of events.

Grebinski said Rossi created many blogs and gave many excuses for why he was not responsible and he also fabricated evidence to try to trick the courts into believing he was the real victim.

“I would not be surprised if he wrote a book or some kind of short story on how being wrongfully accused is because of him being in a minority group or playing up his ‘disabilities’ in some way,” she told this newspaper.

Rossi often is seen in public using a wheelchair and an oxygen mask, which some observers think is at attempt to gain sympathy.

Grebinski said extradition would be a good first step in what probably will be a long journey to try to bring Rossi to justice.

“I have tried to hold him accountable since 2008 and he has found ways to avoid persecution and continuously create new identities,” she said. “I won’t be satisfied until I see him behind bars for life. … The number of lives and destruction he’s caused us all is finally coming to a resolution.”

She added, “I am optimistic for the future but buckle down, its going to be a wild ride.”

Utah authorities are trying to extradict Rossi to stand trial in a pair of rape cases from 2008.

Rossi also was under investigation by law enforcement after financial accounts were opened in his foster parent’s name without his knowledge.

Rossi lived in Harrison Twp. when this happened.

Prosecutors and others who have met Rossi say he’s very smart and manipulative but he’s made mistakes that may finally catch up with him.

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