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A former Coronation Street actress has received an apology from Mirror Group Newspapers (MGN) in the same phone-hacking trial as Prince Harry, coming a day after Piers Morgan was accused of “injecting” information into stories.

The Daily Mirror publisher’s barrister said today that it “unequivocally apologizes” to Nikki Sanderson, having admitted that it used private investigators to obtain stories about her. Sanderson alleges the newspapers used information from her mobile phone voicemails which were hacked, and paid private investigators to get personal information about her.

Sanderson is claiming damages for 37 articles published in the Daily Mirror, Sunday Mirror and People newspapers between 1999 and 2009. MGN admitted that on four occasions journalists used investigators to target the actor on one of the UK’s most-watched soaps, which she joined when she was just 15.

Sanderson was reported by the BBC to have described her experience as “abuse,” a word she said she didn’t use lightly.

The trial is part of a plus-100 claimant phone-hacking and privacy suit taking place in London at present, which has attracted global headlines due to Prince Harry’s appearance earlier this week.

Yesterday, Morgan, who edited the Daily Mirror between 1995 and 2004, was accused of “injecting” information into the stories of the paper’s former Royal Editor.

In a written statement, Jane Kerr said Morgan “engaged with the [Buckingham] Palace press offices and would occasionally direct or inject information into a story.”

Many of her stories concerned Prince Harry, who was a teenager at the time and alleges about 140 articles published between 1996 and 2010 by MGN contained information gathered using unlawful methods.

He took to the stand earlier this week, the first royal in more than 100 years to appear in the UK’s high court. Harry used his appearance to claim Morgan makes him feel “physically sick” as he blasted the tabloid press for “inciting hatred.”


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