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A NINE-YEAR-OLD has been praised for a ‘genius’ hack that prevents lollies from getting dirty in case they drop of the floor or outside.

Whether you’re a child or an adult, there’s nothing worse than seeing your favourite candy fall and become inedible after it’s covered in dust and germs.

The game-changer of a hack was shared on Facebook where it was soon branded ‘pure genius’Credit: Getty
According to some parents, the trick has been going around on TikTokCredit: Facebook/Vicky Tapp

Luckily, one savvy kid has come to rescue with an easy trick that’s already been branded ”pure genius” on social media.

Proud mum Vicky Tapp, from Somerset, took to Facebook after her daughter, 9, shared the hack with her.

”My 9 year old came up with a good hack make a hole in the bottom of the plastic kinder egg pot inside a kinder egg and keep your lolly inside….if you drop it the lolly stays clean!!!

”She’s so clever,” Vicky praised her kid in the post.

The parent also uploaded two images which demonstrated how the hack worked with a pink lolly – and needless to say, people were amazed by it.

The post, shared on the popular Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group, soon went viral, racking up a whopping 7.7k likes.

More than a hundred social media users flocked to comments, where many couldn’t believe they hadn’t thought of it.

Even Vicky’s hubby saw the post and chuckled: ”Don’t know where she saw it, I’d like to think she gets her brains from her dad.”

Someone else wrote: ”That is pure genius.

”I will certainly to this for my daughter who has additional needs. Please thank your daughter immensely for this hack.”

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Another added: ”Has he been watching tic toc [TikTok] cause I seen it on there, there was a ice lolly hack too so they don’t drip everywhere.”

Meanwhile, others shared their top tips on making eating food less messy.

”Also do the same with a cupcake paper and a ice cream/ice lolly… make a hole in the bottom of your cup cake paper, push your cone/stick through the paper and hold it under the paper,” penned one mum.

”Saves it melting all over your hands.”

”Future inventor,” a person exclaimed.

”She should market these,” a member of the group suggested.


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