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Nintendo hacker Gary Bowser has denied involvement with a newly revealed Nintendo Switch flash cart.

Bowser was released from prison last year after receiving sentencing for being part of a group known as Team-Xecuter that was creating devices that allowed users to play illegally obtained ROMs on consoles such as Nintendo Switch and 3DS. He still has to pay £8million ($10million) in court-ordered damages to Nintendo, however.

The flashcart, named MIG-Switch, was announced last month and is claimed to allow owners to play illegally obtained ROMs. It’s worth noting, however, that an official disclaimer from MIG-Switch states that the device is intended only for use for legally owned games.

“Mig-Switch does not approve the use of its device with ROMs of games that you do not own, downloaded from the internet or owned by a friend or any outside source. Beside the fact that it is illegal, it will void our warranty and support,” the disclaimer reads.

‘The Legend of Zelda: Tears Of The Kingdom’ Credit: Nintendo

A similar flash card was created for the Nintendo DS and was widely distributed as the ‘R4 flash cartridge’. This cartridge allowed ROMs of Nintendo DS games to be loaded onto the system without previously owning the game and led to a legal crackdown from Nintendo in 2007.

Bowser denied his involvement with the flash cart via X (formerly Twitter), with VGC reporting that he spoke more about it on Discord.

“I was the subject of DNS poisoning attack on my nameservers, I repaired the damage and changed all my passwords, but sadly people will talk, not what I needed just before Christmas,” the message allegedly read.

“And also just a day after someone was threatening me via Skype, demanding I send them $1,000 per month for next 40 months, or they would leak a bunch of shit. I am not going to engage the trolls or comment on it.”

In other gaming news, the highly-anticipated Fallout 4 mod Fallout: London has been delayed to April.

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