Nintendo Switch Hackers Make Breakthrough Today

It has pretty much always been a matter of when, not if, and it looks like it is coming soon – homebrew experts and hackers have made progress in hacking the Nintendo Switch.

The hack isn’t available to anybody yet but it seems like it could very well be on its way there soon. For those out of the loop, a hacked or jailbroken system will have access to illegal games and allow players to run emulators, and much more, on the console. The PSP was very popular handheld for this and it looks like there is a dedicating following trying to get the same thing to happen with the Switch.

We could still be looking at a couple years between now and having the hack available, but for those out there that are interested, this is a big leap forward. All signs are pointing to this still having a bit longer until it’s actually released to the public in any way. At least anyone interested now has a progress report of sorts.

The Nintendo Switch uses a custom operating system featuring kernal. The hackers have found the Switch’s kernal, which is part of what connects the the apps (games, emulations, etc.) to the hardware itself. If the hackers can either dump or manipulate the OS, it would give free reign for players to do what they want with their Switch.

Back in April, Nintendo offered up to $20,000 as a reward for anyone who could hack the Switch. Nintendo specifically targeted security problems that could lead to piracy and cheating. Only the first person to let Nintendo know about the security issue was eligible for the reward. There hasn’t been any information on whether Nintendo has paid out any sum regarding a Nintendo Switch hack as of yet.

According to Eurogamer, three informants have been paid by Nintendo since the plan was first launched at the end of 2016. Nintendo does not disclose how much these individuals were paid, or for what information they were rewarded.

Back in March, shortly after the launch of the Nintendo Switch, one person claimed to have gotten The Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time running on his Switch. He posted videos as proof, but never actually shows himself pressing any buttons, which led many to believe that a video was playing on the Switch instead of the game actually running.


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