Nintendo’s SNES Classic can be hacked, because of course it can

JUST LIKE THE NES Classic before it, Nintendo’s new SNES Classic console can be hacked.

Nintendo’s SNES Classic started shipping to buyers this week. It comes with a total of 20 games pre-loaded onto it, including Donkey Kong Country, The Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past and Super Mario Kart, but if you’re not happy with the selection on offer, Reddit user, er, SpongeFreak52 has some good news.

SpongeFreak52, who allegedly received his SNES Classic early due to a Best Buy shipping error, has revealed that the same programme that was used to hack Nintendo’s retro NES Classic console can be used with the firm’s SNES Classic console, and the software, called Hakchi2, can be used without any additional tinkering.

“After playing a few games, I wanted to see how it would behave when thrown at Hakchi2. To my surprise (though I guess I shouldn’t have been given the hardware similarities), it CAN have its kernel dumped and re-written with it with the current version,” SnongeFreak52 wrote.

The Redditor tried to use the NES Classic kernel with the SNES Classic, but the only thing that happened was the power light blinked.

“I even threw a NES Mini kernel at it just for kicks (spoiler: nothing happens — the power light just blinks) then reverted back to the SNES kernel with no issues,” he added.

News of this hack ain’t all that surprising. A teardown of the SNES Classic has revealed that the console reuses the same technology and processing components are found in the NES Classic. In fact, it’s essentially the same thing, albeit with the added capability of playing 16-bit games rather than 8-bit titles.

A word of warning, though. If you do try and hack your spanking-new SNES Classic, and make a hash of it, you are doomed. You have blown the guarantee and no one is going to care about a problem that you have brought on yourself regardless of whether you have kept the receipt or not.


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