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NJ Among Safest States For High Schoolers, New Study Says | #schoolsaftey

Do NJ high schoolers feel safe at school? This study takes into account bullying, crime rates, school safety measures, and other factors.

NEW JERSEY — New Jersey is among the safest states in America for high school students when it comes to school-based violence, though students are often exposed to illegal drugs at school, a new study said.

The recent study by Schoolaroo, a scholarship search platform, compared high schools in all 50 states by crime statistics, school safety indicators, and how safe students feel at school.


“Ensuring a secure environment not only fosters a conducive atmosphere for learning but also allows young individuals to focus on their studies and personal growth without unnecessary concerns,” the study authors said.

The study included rates of bullying and cyberbullying, exposure to illegal drugs, threats of physical attacks at school and physical fights, and students carrying weapons to school. The Schoolaroo study also takes into account school shootings, school safety plans, and the percentage of students who feel safe.

By these metrics, New Jersey is the fifth-safest state for high school students in the nation, the study found. Schoolaroo ranked the Garden State high for its school safety plans, and more students reported feeling safe at schools in New Jersey than any other of the top five states (Washington, Delaware, Kentucky, and Oklahoma were ranked #1-4, respectively).

New Jersey also had a lower rate of physical attacks at school than most other states. However, it was one of the worst-ranked states for students’ exposure to illegal drugs at school, the study authors added.

Here is how New Jersey ranked in the 11 categories Schoolaroo included in this analysis (a lower number is a better rank):

  • Overall: 5
  • Bullying: 14
  • Cyberbullying: 23
  • Exposure to illegal drugs: 47
  • Feeling safe at school: 10
  • School shootings: 17
  • School safety plans: 1
  • Students forced to have sexual intercourse: 19
  • Weapon carried at school: 46
  • Threat of physical attack with a weapon: 40
  • Physical attack or fight with a weapon rate: 2

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