No more guns: Hackers become new age heroes

Hackers are known for causing chaos and even acts of terrorism, but in a state of the art video game they have become the solution, not the problem.

In a soon to be released multimillion dollar production, Watch Dogs 2, users can hack their way to victory without traditional weapons or violence.

Created by Ubifsoft, the incredibly realistic, cinematic video game is based on real life hackers in the heart of the hacking culture, San Francisco.

“It’s amazingly accurate,” Ms Blue said.

“The fact that they’re not the 400 pound hacker … the guy in basement that doesn’t get out and lives with him mom. We are just people who are trying to live our lives and we look like everybody.”

ATM jackpotting, passport cloning and parking meter hacks are just some of the real life events that the game has simulated.

The game also exposes the perils of big data, while at the same time educating the players to the dangers of handing out countless personal details.

Ms Blue said that the fact that hardly anyone knew of how big data is controlling the world was “huge and needs to change”.

Algorithms can deny you a bank loan because of where you live or accuse you of a crime you didn’t commit because of computer profiling, Watch Dogs 2 gives profiling victims a chance to even the score.

“Hopefully also when they play the game they learn a little bit more about what can be the consequences of giving all this information away… allowing other people to control all that data,” senior producer Dominic Guay said.

Watch Dogs 2 is set to be released next month.


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