‘No impact observed’: HCLTech reports ransomware incident, investigation underway | #ransomware | #cybercrime

HCLTech disclosed the discovery of a ransomware incident within an isolated cloud environment associated with one of its projects on Wednesday. The company confirmed that this event has not caused any discernible impact on the broader HCLTech network.

“HCLTech has become aware of a ransomware incident in an isolated cloud environment for one of its projects. There has been no impact observed due to this incident on the overall HCLTech network,” the company said in a statement.

HCLTech reiterated that safeguarding sensitive information remains a paramount concern. In response to the incident, the company promptly initiated an extensive investigation, collaborating closely with relevant stakeholders to ascertain the root cause and implement requisite remedial measures.

“Cybersecurity and data protection is a top priority for HCLTech. A detailed investigation is underway in consultation with relevant stakeholders to assess the root cause and take remedial action as necessary,” the statement added.

This development underscores the evolving landscape of cybersecurity threats faced by enterprises, prompting a renewed emphasis on proactive measures and collaborative efforts to fortify digital ecosystems against potential vulnerabilities.

As the investigation progresses, HCLTech assures continued transparency in communicating any significant updates or findings related to this incident.

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